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What is energy healing?

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What is an energy session?

Reiki is a holistic, self-care  practice using the intentional movement of energy to balance the physical, intellectual and spiritual body for your greatest good.

Offering equally effective in-person and distance sessions, we review what you would like to focus on physically, intellectually, and energetically. When ready, we create a comfortable, sacred space to enable you to free yourself and experience your highest good. In our sessions, we can either talk through the experience, or you can enjoy a meditative rest.

Within an in person session, the healing is done either hands on or hands off for thirty or sixty minutes, distance sessions are fifteen or thirty minutes. At the end of your session we’ll review feelings and findings as well as potential crystals, oils and homework for continued balance.

I also offer a brief follow-up consult to assist with the integration of your session.

Results from current clients include feeling less anxious, headache relief, better sleep, feeling more focused, tension release, fever reduction, and mindset block release. Testimonials below Services. 

Our Services

Allison Ziegler, NY

Cori is the most knowledgeable, intuitive & insightful reiki practitioner & holistic healer I have ever met. Her wisdom spans beyond reiki; Cori has a gift to help people truly heal. She's helped me work through anxiety & has provided me with lasting relief as my life has continued to uplevel and grow. She is my crystal go to as well. Cori is the real deal. 

James Bradford, NC

Cori Level I Reiki course and attunement was a wondereful experience. Cori is not only a strong, effective reiki master practitioner in her own right, but also a great teacher. I made new friends, learned about reiki's history, uses and benefits. We were also encouraged to step into our power and use our natural abilities and gifts as individuals. 

Margi Dunki- Jacobs

Having heard Cori speak and knowing the value she brings to other, I give the highest recommendation for a holistic healer who is authentic. In today's world, we look for real. Cori is real. In testimonials and from others, the work Cori is doing is life changing. Truly honored to recommend Cori as THE person I would turn to for unsettled thoughts that keep getting pushed down gently healing the soul.

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