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Cleanse Kit

Cleanse Kit

Looking to learn more about different ways to adjust or clean up your energetic environment? This kit includes tools which have been tried and true through many cultures and thousands of years. Kit includes blue and white sage, palo santo, and clear quartz

  • Cleansing

    Burning sage or herbs has been done for thousands of years, as a cleansing tool, throughout the world. Cleansing When using smoke as a cleansing tool, ensure you have a window or door open in the room, if not both. I highly recommend starting in the room furthest from the front door and using the smoke from the top of the room and covering each wall and then the base of each wall and then shift into the next room, working your way to the front door. Studies have shown sage to release negative ions in the air and assist in a positive mood and when burned and kills bacteria.The latin base of sage, salvia, literally means to heal.


    No returns, refunds for this product.


    Shipping available in the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

    Pick up available or delivery available in the Charlotte North Carolina area.

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