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April and Spring came in roaring

I know we are half way through the month and yet the month of April has seemed like it's own year within those two weeks. I realize that there will always be astrological shifts and there is almost always a retrograde but the current environment with the Mercury retrograde and the two eclipse's (one in March) it's been a little rough for many of us.

I never imagined I would spend part of an eclipse in aw while also wanting to spend as much time with some part of my body on the earth. Not to mention the physical and emotional detox which occurred in the days thereafter ( and the lack of sleep before an after). I share this so maybe you will grant yourself a little bit of grace and understanding. I also hope you will schedule a session for recalibration and reconnection if needed to dissect what's transpired or trying to come through. I'm processing physically and am taking extra time for reiki self care and mindset tweaking while also being able to assist others in processing too. I find it divine timing that this transition all occurred before my anniversary of being full time for a year. I am offering promotions on packages for my healing sessions, both in person and distance, and will be creating coaching packages, and new healing grids which will be exclusive to my website.

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