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Winter roared like a lion

Ever have plans and have them go the opposite of according to plan? Intellectually I understand that Chloe was 14 or 15 and her end of time would come sometime soon, but I definitely thought I had more time and and more lessons to learn from her. That said, I know that she in her own way was sharing lessons as she crossed over. She will always be a healer and continue to share lessons and love with us all.

The first lesson she shared with me was learn to trust and don't look back. She took her time to trust the people around her, but once she knew she was safe she was a lil love bomb. She loved every one and she made sure they knew it. She enabled many to feel comfortable receiving love, over and over.

The second lesson Chloe shared is she helped me to share the same kind of love forward after I learned to receive from her and from myself. Chloe and several other earth angels in my life showed me that living life from the heart is a super power (especially asking for help) and assisting others to do the same is a blessing we all have the opportunity to pay forward. It's something I strive to accomplish one person at a time, just as I am determined to do with anxiety reduction (self love and trust can assist with this).

Chloe also lived her life encouraging others to meet on her terms and was the queen of boundaries. She was a queen and ensured others followed her lead. The great aspect is, she is now able to do so from above without and pain and no restrictions. One of her biggest lessons shared was that post trauma it's safe to trust and then the best is yet to come. She gave and gave (and got rewarded with ear scritches and treats) and encouraged those around her to receive and to give. She showed resilience, sovereignty, joy, sass, and love and trust as examples of how to lead your life. May we live with her example and lessons. If I can assist, let me know, I'd truly be honored.

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