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Building into the new season and year

Winter seemed to have be a little harsh for many by not only encouraging extra rest, but also a review of perspective for personally and professional relationships. The great news is you always have the opportunity to shift your perspective and your trajectory.

This week we have the start of Spring and the astrological new year - wahoo! FINALLY For me there is no better time to really do a deep dive into what needs to stay and what needs to go to have as balanced foundation to shift from doubt to sovereignty, from fear to strength. I'm honored to share tools which I use regularly to maintain my sanity (ie standards, values and boundaries too) and empower the individuals surrounding me too.

Starting in April come join me for a 6 week deep dive to break the repeat cycles, leave the emotional baggage behind, and have accountability for two months after the program to assist your in continuing your ownership of your new lifestyle.

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