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Simple Tricks to prevent Holiday Burnout

In the years past I have created posts and thought I might share a few of the basics of what we can do day to day to keep ourselves as connected as possible to ourself.

  1. Hydrate - water is one of the best things we can do. I know there are a lot of temptations with sugars and alcohols but practice balance/moderation as much as possible.

  2. Rest - don't just pass out, grant yourself enough time to feel soulfully rested. This is the time of year where our body's call for a little bit of slowdown - HONOR IT. I also highly recommend meditation and reiki to assist the body balancing.

  3. Feed yourself -remember you're a complicated plant. As much as possible remember what you intake will make a difference toward your future.

  4. Move your body- yes I'm aware I just suggested you rest. One of the best ways to keep stress from compiling is to move your body and let it out. Don't let dead energy get stuck in your body, especially your hips - you know you're overdue to move! Also moving your body assists you to achieve better rest

  5. NO. Own that No is a complete sentence. Don't over commit and don't compromise your boundaries. Release the people pleasing side of you. This is mind over matter - let me know if you need assistance in adjusting your mindset. This is one of my favorite aspects to assist other individuals to grow through.

  6. BREATHE. When in doubt remember the power of the parasympathetic sigh, detoxing breath (deep breath in through the nose and out the mouth), and if needed box breathing ( in for four, hold for four, out for four, hold for four count). Breathe is so important and too often when we get stressed we fail to own that we have the power to flip the situation simply by breathing in the good and breathe out the negative.

  7. Adjust your environment. When I get super stressed out I find that coming into a space and feeling safe. I encourage you to find a way to create as Zen as possible your space - whatever you feel will assist you to feel your best to be able to thrive in the situations around you. I'm a huge fan of traveling with my own pillow, bringing crystals, essential oils (this time of year humidifiers which diffuse oils), bringing crystals, oils, positive pictures of favorite places and or quotes to have in my workspace. I also prefer to bring my reiki pup along with as she always brings everyone's blood pressure down.

Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this. I'll also share tips and tricks on my Instagram @coristuartholistichealer

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